Filicudi WildLife Conservation is a non-profit association aimed at the study and conservation of the marine resources of the Aeolian Archipelago through an integrated approach and concrete actions throughout the area.  Our activity is aimed at the research and monitoring of marine vertebrates, mainly cetaceans (bottlenose dolphin, striped dolphin and sperm whale) and sea turtles (loggerhead sea turtle Caretta caretta) with a First Aid for Sea Turtles in FILICUDI island.


The following are the sectors in which we carry out our activities: 

  • First aid and assistance sea turtles
  • Research on cetaceans and sea turtles
  • Eco-volunteer work
  • Courses
  • Environmental education
  • Sustainable tourism 
  • Nature conservation
  • Monitoring

Because of its shape the Aeolian Archipelago is a particularly critical area from an environmental viewpoint. The continuously increasing economic development of the last 20 years that is mainly linked to summer tourism and construction work has had important repercussions on natural habitats and especially on the sea.   We find ourselves therefore with an invaluable patrimony to be protected and which, even while respecting nature, could be used for developing new forms of employment through a reconversion of already existing crafts. In consideration of future developments special attention should be given to the exploitation of the naturalistic patrimony through the establishment of protected marine area of the Aeolian islands and management plans for the marine resources at local and national level.  

Come to visit us! We operate from a premises in the lovely little tourist harbour of Pecorini Mare on the Island of Filicudi. You can visit the first aid centre for sea turtles and the photographic exhibition on dolphins and sea turtles.